Feminism and AI (Artificial Intelligence): A Wake Up Call

Artificial intelligence is a general use technology that is will be as ubiquitous as the internet. Sounds great–but who will it leave behind?

Dr. Parinaz Sobhani

Meet Dr. Parinaz Sobhani (above), Director of Machine Learning at the University of Ottawa and LiisBeth’s latest feminist-woman-in-tech crush!

Iranian-born Dr. Sobhani was the keynote speaker at the launch of Inspiring Fifty, a new award established in Canada to celebrate inspirational female role models in tech and innovation. Sobhani’s talk, “Importance of Diversity in AI,” was both chilling and a call to action.

Sobhani believes that technology can overcome gender bias and risk of misused data, however, she also reinforces the fact it will take the will and vigilance of humans to ensure that it does.

To hear part of Dr. Sobhani’s speech, click on the approximately seven-minute audio file below.

LiisBeth also had the opportunity to conduct a follow-up interview with Dr. Sobhani. We will be publishing that interview at the end of May.

Publisher’s note: Do we need a feminist-leaning watchdog organization in Canada? Interested in being part of an initiative to start one? Email us and mention AI Watchdog in the subject line.

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