How To Strengthen Ontario’s Economy Through the Effective Advancement of Women’s Entrepreneurs?

Have you been invited to a women’s entrepreneur policy consultation? Don’t leave home without this!

WEO-FinalDocument Nov 2016

In the spring of 2016, 18 kick ass women entrepreneurs and thought leaders got together to discuss the state of women’s entrepreneurship in Ontario, and how to improve it. They formed a volunteer task force and for the next several months, read, researched and spoke to women entrepreneurs across Ontario.

The result? A unanimously supported set of recommendations which can be found here: WEO-FinalDocument Nov 2016.

With an Ontario election year coming in 2018, and the findings of the McKinsey June 2017 report, there is now a lot of activity in the women’s entrepreneurship space; Several consultations are planned for this fall by the Ontario’s Status of Women ministry and other organizations. There have been several task forces over the past five years.

We have the answers.  Now it’s a matter of implementation –and the will and funding to do so.

If you are planning to attend a consultation, don’t leave home without this report.

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